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    I will be doing a Survivor: Cambodia thing where I reverse the votes of the Tribal Councils. If someone was voted out by an idol, then they would still be voted out.


    Tribal Council:

    Vytas: 6 votes - Abi: 4 votes

    Abi voted out. Vytas now Abi


    Tribal Council:

    Shirin: 5 votes - Spencer:: 4 votes

    Spencer voted out. Shirin now Spencer.

    Tribe Switch

    Immunity: and

    Tribal Council:

    Peigh-Gee 4 votes - Abi: 2 votes

    Vytas voted out. Peigh-Gee now Abi.

    Immunity: and

    Tribal Council:

    Jeff: 4 votes - Woo: 1 vote

    Woo voted out. Jeff now Woo.

    Immunity: and

    Tribsl Council:

    Monica: 3 votes - Wiggles: 2 votes - Spencer: 1 vote

    Shirin voted out. Monica now Spencer.

    Terry evacuated.

    Tribe Dissolve/Switch


    Tribal Council:

    Woo: 4 votes - Spencer: 3 votes


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