• Payton588

    past season questions

    October 31, 2014 by Payton588

    1. At the final tribal council where jury ask questions. Whom said " Look you sitting beside the little girl that rode your coat tails and beside the person whom none of us like or respects" Need 5 answers for this one, A. What season of survivor ???????? B. Whom said it ?????? C. Whom were they referring to ?????? &????? D. Whom was they speaking to?????????

    2. Whom quits late in the game with a idol and whom did they give the idol to back at camp before tribal when they quit. A. What season of survivor ????????? B. whom quits ??????? C. Whom did they give idol to back at camp??????

    3. What season and whom abandons the Secret Exile Alliance and ends up going home with idol in there pocket. A. What season of survivor ?????? B. whom quits the…

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