Tonight watching Brandon meltdown like that made me very upset because he threw his whole tribe under the bus by ruining their food. It made me wonder if this was his way of getting off the island so he wouldn't look like a quitter. Just the day before he made the comment about he wanted to get off the island because he missed his family and the next day he had a bipolar moment and totally changed his mind. His tribe rightfully wanted him gone because I think he is mentally unbalanced and he should never have been there in the first place. He told everyone he would have peed in their rice and burned down the camp that tells me right there he wasn't balanced enough to be out there.Brandon was saying he was the author of his fate and he was sent packing. I don't really think that Brandon should ever ever be on survivor again!. And again this is just my thought here but my respect for Phillip rose a lot today because he could have really gone after Brandon and rightfully so but he didn't! But I will see how Phillip reacts all the while he is out there and then see where I stand at the end of it! Thank you for letting me voice my opinion!