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Survivor Seasons With Redemption Island

San Juan Del Sur With Redemption Island

Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Redemption
Island Status
Original Tribe Merged Tribe
S29 missy t Missy Payne
47, Dallas, TX
Baylor's mother
Hunahpu 2nd Voted Out
Day 1
1st Eliminated
Day 4
S29 drew t Drew Christy
25, Winter Park, FL
Alec's brother
Hunahpu 3rd Voted Out
Day 3
2nd Eliminated
Day 6
S29 julie t Julie McGee
34, Atlanta, GA
John's girlfriend
Hunahpu 4th Voted Out
Day 5
3rd Eliminated
Day 10
S29 nadiya t Nadiya Anderson
28, Edgewater, NJ
Natalie's twin sister
Coyopa 6th Voted Out
Day 12
4th Eliminated
Day 14
S29 wes t Wes Nale
23, Shreveport, LA
Keith's son
Coyopa 5th Voted Out
Day 9
5th Eliminated
Day 16
S29 reed t Reed Kelly
31, New York City, NY
Josh's boyfriend
Hunahpu 7th Voted Out
Day 15
6th Eliminated
Day 19
S29 dale t Dale Wentworth
55, Ephrata, WA
Kelley's father
Coyopa} 8th Voted Out
Day 17
7th Eliminated
Day 19

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