This is the perfect time to make a new prediction because of the tribe switch and Peih-Gee being voted out, Peih-Gee was my winner pick. :(

Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish
Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
S31 vytas t Vytas Baskauskas
35, Santa Monica, CA
Blood vs. Water
Ta Keo 1st Voted Out
Day 3
S31 shirin t Shirin Oskooi
32, San Francisco, CA
Worlds Apart
Ta Keo 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
S31 peihgee t Peih-Gee Law
37, San Francisco, CA
Ta Keo Angkor 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
S31 andrew t Andrew Savage
51, San Jose, CA
Pearl Islands
Bayon Angkor 4th Voted Out
Day 12
S31 ciera t Ciera Eastin
26, Salem, OR
Blood vs. Water
Bayon Ta Keo 5th Voted Out
Day 14
S31 terry t Terry Deitz
55, Simsbury, CT
Ta Keo Ta Keo 6th Voted Out
Day 15
S31 joe t Joe Anglim
26, Scottsdale, AZ
Worlds Apart
Bayon Ta Keo 7th Voted Out
Day 17
S31 kelly t Kelly Wiglesworth
37, Greensboro, NC
Ta Keo Bayon Ta Baykor 8th Voted Out
Day 20
S31 keith t Keith Nale
54, Keithville, LA
San Juan del Sur
Bayon Ta Keo 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 23
S31 stephen t Stephen Fishbach
36, New York, NY
Bayon Bayon 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 25
S31 tasha t Tasha Fox
39, St. Louis, MO
Bayon Angkor 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 28
S31 abimaria t Abi-Maria Gomes
35, Los Angeles, CA
Ta Keo Angkor 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 29
S31 kass t Kass McQuillen
43, Tehachapi, CA
Bayon Ta Keo 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 31
S31 jeremy t Jeremy Collins
37, Foxboro, MA
San Juan del Sur
Bayon Bayon 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
S31 jeff t Jeff Varner
49, Greensboro, NC
The Australian Outback
Ta Keo Angkor 15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
S31 spencer t Spencer Bledsoe
22, Chicago, IL
Ta Keo Bayon 16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37
S31 woo t Woo Hwang
31, Newport Beach, CA
Ta Keo Angkor 17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38
S31 kimmi t Kimmi Kappenberg
42, The Woodlands, TX
The Australian Outback
Bayon Bayon Second
S31 monica t Monica Padilla
30, Queens, NY
Bayon Bayon Runner-Up
S31 kelley t Kelley Wentworth
29, Seattle, WA
San Juan del Sur
Ta Keo Ta Keo Sole Survivor