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My Second Chance 2

This would be my ideal Second Chance ll

Location -  Anaga, Canary Islands, Spain

No. Castaways - 18

No. Tribes - 3


Silas Gaither (Africa)

Hunter Ellis (Marquesas)

Mathew von Ertfelda (The Amazon)

Brian Corridan (Guatemala)

Dreamz Herd (Fiji)

Charlie Herschel (Gabon)

Marty Piombo (Nicaragua)

Sash Lenahan (Nicaragua)

Matthew Elrod (Redemption Island)

Jonas Otsuji (One World)

Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)

Eddie Fox (Caramoan)

Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water)

Reed Kelly (San Juan Del Sur)


Neleh Dennis (Marquesas)

Heidi Strobel (The Amazon)

Twila Tanner (Vanuatu)

Cindy Hall (Guatemala)

Michelle Yi (Fiji)

Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)

Taj-Johnson George (Tocantins)

Shambo Waters (Samoa)

Chelsea Meissner (One World)

R.C. Saint-Amour (Philippines)

Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)

Hope Driskill (Caramoan)

Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur)

Hali Ford (Worlds Apart)

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