Survivor Trivia


1. Who won Survivor: Africa 2. Which season had tribes divided by certain skills 3. Which season had 20 castaways first 4. When was exile island first introduced 5. Which season had Ozzy Lusth and Coach Wade return 6. Who got voted out with 2 hidden immunity idols 7. Who was the first female evacuation 8. Which season had an Aspiring Actress 9. Name the females on the Mogo Mogo tribe 10. Who was the first person to quit


1. Which season had a spiritual tribal stone 2. What was the second season to have 3 tribes 3. What was the first season filmed in panama 4. What is the most used location 5. Who visited Exile Island the most 6. Who has won the most challenges 7. Who has the most votes against them 8. Who won Survivor: Philippines 9. What tribe has lost the most challenges  10. Who was the first jury member in Survivor: Thailand


1. What season had the medallion of power 2. Who is the oldest winner 3. Who is the youngest winner 4. Who broke the tribal immunity in half 5. Who are the 3 recent quitters 6. Who didn't receive a message from their loved one 7. What season had the first purple rock tie-breaker 8. Which contestant said "I ain't no Hershey bar" 9. Who was the second gay winner 10. Who was the first person voted out in Survivor: Samoa