Here are my thoughts on the first episode of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

1. The first fifteen minutes of the episode before the intro, the editing felt  bit choppy and squished in, but the marooning was a cool but kind of unnecessary but it was a great start.

2. I loved the intro with all the shots of the castaways, however the music was recycled which was a huge let down.

3. Ta Keo is my favorite tribe at the moment because it has all my favorite returnees and they pretty much got all the screen time whilst Bayon didn't.

4. I like most of the female players on the Bayon tribe, but for the men I only like Keith and Savage.

5. There were plenty of funny moments like: Jeff's confessional rhyming, Kelley's "Sneaky, Sneaky" and Joega.

6. I was fine with Vytas being voted off I didnt even vote for him on the poll anyways, And he was kinda creepy.

7. Idols hidden at challenges were cool

8. Kelley finding the hidden Immunity Idol at the challenge was awesome, Kelley is one of my favs nows.

9. Peih-Gee, Abi incident with the bracelet.

10. Peih-Gee <3

11. The episode ended well and I cant wait till next week!