I made a Survivor Trivia a while back and it was too easy so I decided to make a second one, it's not much harder and you can look on this site for answers, but that kind of ruins it. So try to do it on your own without looking. Only ten questions this time. No particular order of easiest to hardest.


1. Who was the first person voted out in Survivor: Blood vs. Water?

2. Who were the two Redemption Island inhabitants during episode five of Survivor: South Pacific?

3. Before merge in Survivor: Vanuatu how many challenges did the Lopevi tribe win?

4. In what season was there a title of an episode named “Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None”?

5. What is “Susie” Smith from Survivor: Gabon’s real name?

6. What is the name of Tina Wesson’s husband?

7. What is the reason why Melissa McNulty who was supposed to be the twentieth player of Survivor: Fiji quit before the game started?

8. How many confessionals did Sydney Wheeler have during her time on Survivor: Tocantins?

9. What were the filming dates of Survivor: Palau?

10. What was Elyse Umemoto’s Occupation?