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aka Oscar Reeder

  • I live in Australia, NSW, Port Stephens
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Channel Ten has confirmed that a revival of Australian Survivor will be coming in late 2016. The season will be filmed in a different country "It has to be a tropical island paradise" said Beverley McGarvey during a interview. Auditions have started.

    links: The announcement:


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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Survivor Season 33

    October 25, 2015 by Ozzymayhem4

    Since season 32 has already been filmed and will be released next year in February, what are your thoughts and speculation on what might happen for season 33 of Survivor?

    Mine would maybe be, an all newbie season? a half returnee, half newbie with a new twist. A new location I don't think they will be going back to Samoa, Nicaragua or The Philippines. Another Asian country will be our destination. Cambodia will not because interviews have stated that Producer Mark Burnett said that Cambodia's location was brutal. Hopefully the season will have no major twists.

    My wish list:

    - All Newbie

    - No Major Twists

    - A New Location

    - India

    - Twenty Castaways

    - Two Tribes

    - Tribal Switch to Three Tribes

    - 52 Days

    - New Challenges

    - Awesome Art Department

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    This is the perfect time to make a new prediction because of the tribe switch and Peih-Gee being voted out, Peih-Gee was my winner pick. :(

    Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish
    Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
    Vytas Baskauskas
    35, Santa Monica, CA

    Shirin Oskooi
    32, San Francisco, CA

    Peih-Gee Law
    37, San Francisco, CA

    Andrew Savage
    51, San Jose, CA

    Ciera Eastin
    26, Salem, OR

    Terry Deitz
    55, Simsbury, CT

    Joe Anglim
    26, Scottsdale, AZ

    Kelly Wiglesworth
    37, Greensboro, NC

    Ta Baykor

    Keith Nale
    54, Keithville, LA

    Stephen Fishbach
    36, New York, NY

    Tasha Fox
    39, St. Louis, MO

    Abi-Maria Gomes
    35, Los Angeles, CA

    Kass McQuillen
    43, Tehachapi, CA

    Jeremy Collins
    37, Foxboro, MA

    Jeff Varner
    49, Greensboro, NC

    Spencer Bledsoe
    22, Chicago, IL

    Woo Hwang
    31, Newport Beach, CA

    Kimmi …

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Here are my thoughts on the first episode of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

    1. The first fifteen minutes of the episode before the intro, the editing felt  bit choppy and squished in, but the marooning was a cool but kind of unnecessary but it was a great start.

    2. I loved the intro with all the shots of the castaways, however the music was recycled which was a huge let down.

    3. Ta Keo is my favorite tribe at the moment because it has all my favorite returnees and they pretty much got all the screen time whilst Bayon didn't.

    4. I like most of the female players on the Bayon tribe, but for the men I only like Keith and Savage.

    5. There were plenty of funny moments like: Jeff's confessional rhyming, Kelley's "Sneaky, Sneaky" and Joega.

    6. I w…

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  • Ozzymayhem4

    Survivor: Rivals

    September 6, 2015 by Ozzymayhem4

    Contestant Tribe Affiliation
    Jon Dalton
    33, Danville, VA Pearl Islands
    Sandra Diaz-Twine
    35, Stamford, CT
    Randy Bailey
    49, Eagle Rock, MO Gabon
    Crystal Cox
    29, Durham, NC
    Bobby Jon Drinkard
    28, Troy, AL Guatemala
    Jamie Newton
    24, North Hollywood, CA
    Courtney Marit
    31, Los Angeles, CA Panama
    Shane Powers
    34, Los Angeles, CA
    Eliza Orlins
    21, Syracuse, NY Vanuatu
    Twila Tanner
    41, Marshall, MO
    Abi-Maria Gomes
    32, Los Angeles, CA Philippines
    R.C. Saint-Amour
    27, New York City, NY
    Yau-Man Chan
    54, Martinez, CA Fiji
    Dreamz Herd
    25, Wilmington, NC
    Dan Lembo
    63, Water Mill, NY Nicaragua
    Sash Lenahan
    30, New York City, NY
    Candice Cody
    30, Washington, DC Blood vs. Water
    Brad Culpepper
    44, Tampa Bay, FL
    Corinne Kaplan
    29, Los Angeles, CA Gabon
    Sugar Kiper
    29, Brooklyn, NY
    • Hidden Immunity Idol O…

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