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Thoughts on survivor: cagayan (Spoilers follow)

Owlish December 4, 2015 User blog:Owlish

I loved the Tribal Councils this season, but felt a lot of the gameplay was focused around "big moves", in Tony's immortal words. Take the whole blow-up in the merge episode, when Kass and Sarah were fighting. Although it miraculously worked out decently for Kass (Woo, what were you thinking?), she could have let Sarah do whatever she wanted that tribal and indulged Chaos Kass next week - nobody seemed to like Sarah much anyway, and it would have probably been an easy boot.

Besides that, I disliked Tony, but thought he was a deserving winner (far more so than Woo...), but would have ultimately preferred a Spencer/Tony final two, with Kass in the final 3. Overall a satisfying season, but appears to be better-liked than it perhaps is...

P.S.: Looking forward to seeing Kass, Tasha, and Spencer again in Cambodia!

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