Can we change the color of Angkor back? It was originally a mustard-y yellow (as seen here), and now it's BRIGHT yellow. I can understand if it looks too similar to Orkun, I agree, but... that's just how the producers chose to pick it. I think Hunahpu and Huyopa are too similar - but changing it would defeat the purpose of the wiki. 

Reasons to change Angkor back to a mustard-y yellow: 

  1. It's accurate. The color of the buff and the color in-show are both a dark yellow. As seen here.
  2. It looks better. Ta Keo and Bayon are dark colors. When you have a bright yellow Angkor with them, Angkor stands out too much. However, if it's dark, it blends perfectly and works really well.

I can get why some people might confuse the colors if they're colorblind, etc, but if we change Angkor to a different shade than intended, we might as well make Bayon bright red, Ta Keo black, and Orkun a dark green.

Thanks for reading.