Hey guys, after Caramoan has ended I and many of us have seen over the top comments like She is a disgusting human, and she doesn't deserve a life. But these people were trying to play the game and in the way got some of your favourite players out. Can't you accept the fact they're out. Because in life sometimes you won't like an idea or situation but you might not get a say or even get to criticise. And I might sound like a wee bit of a hypocrite but I would not go that far. I myself don't like some castaways and I might say I just hope he doesn't return, but saying they suck at life are insults to them and their families. You guys don't even know many of the castaways yourself, so who says you get to judge them like that. And I know I'm not a buerocrat (I hope that's good enough) but as an Administrator of this wiki I would like to say, please try to put this over the top criticism and be more positive. There are still many seasons to come and some of them have potential, and if you don't like the season where your favourite castaways get blindsided, don't watch it again.

I hope you guys can learn from this, and I know not all of you are saying it and to all who aren't thank you. And please reduce this negativity.