Hey guys these are predictions for the latest season of survivor which is in the philippines, these are my predictions.


Russell Swan: Jury phase 12th I think he wasn't that exciting in samoa but he was a likable guy.

Angie Layton: 13th she will get mikayla'd, that isn't a real thing but she will get eliminated for the same reason

Denise Stapley: 18th place, I don't think I will like her at all. She will be tarzan version 2.

Malcolm Freberg: 6th place, I hope he makes it far but I honestly believe he will get 6th.

Zane Knight: 14th, he seems really weak and will get targeted early.

Roxy Morris: 17th, I don't want another version of brandon to return at all.


Katie Hanson : 11th she will get to the merge but will get eliminated against malcolm.

Jonathan Penner: 10th he will offend someone majorally so they will vote him out.

Sarah Dawson: 5th she will get voted off by the majority because she is a threat for jury votes.

Dana Lambert: 16th she will be voted out because of her weakness in challenges.

Carter Williams: 4th he loose in a fire tiebreaker because he is a threat for jury votes.

Jeff Kent: 15th he doesn't need a million dollars so everyone eliminates him for that reason.


Michael Skupin: 9th he will eliminated by the idol.