I have to say, this season was way better than One World, except for the finale. If they kept Abi-Maria I would have liked the final episode. I didn't really like the fact Denise won, but she did. I hope the Caramoan is a step up from this season, but I liked the season in a way.


This tribe would have been my favourite tribe even if they stayed strong and didn't loose every single challenge. If was sad to see them loose because some of them deserved to be there.

Denise: I have to say Congratulations on winning but I didn't like her. She seemed okayish but in my opinion she did nothing. Sorry Denise lovers. I think if she kept her mouth shut about Abi being the most unlikable castaway on the island, it would be more entertaining.

Malcolm: Favourite (The New Zealand way of spelling it) player of the season. I liked his strategy but he should have just lied to Denise. I can't believe he is a freak when a puzzle comes up, I haven't seen anyone complete a puzzle that fast. I think his downfall was kinda like Ozzy's elimination, the last challenge cost him heaps.

Russell: Idiot, he should have just taken the leadership role. It didn't ruin his gameshot last time, why decline it this time. I think he could have made the merge if he stepped up as the leader.

Angie: This girl is awesome. I think she makes good tv, if only she lasted longer the season would have been cooler. I wonder what would happen if you put a final four consisting of her, Abi, Zane and Dawson? And the final tribal consisting of Abi, Angie and Zane. That would be hilarious.

Roxy: I didn't see much of her. I think I would have disliked her. 

Zane: Classic, I think we saw too little of him. I really loved his onion statement, LOL. I think if he just told everyone to vote out Russell he would have been fine. So basically he is an idiot, but the next time he will play, he will be a little bit smarter, if there is a next time.


I didn't really like this tribe, they weren't as awesome as the other two tribes. I don't care if they didn't loose any immunity challenges. After the merge they went down in numbers just like Kalabaw.

Lisa: Go home, you have aleady had your time as a star. She was boring, and I can't believe the moment Justice came to her he just said sister slowly, it was a joke. I think she is quite nieve for a fifty year old women. I hope she never comes back.

Michael: I think Michael doesn't think with his head most of the time. If he was thinking strategically about the game he would have voted out Denise when Abi was sent home, that was the mistake he made. 

Abi-Maria: I think she knew what she was doing in the game, but she never thought about how the other castaways thought about her. If she didn't overeact over the clue spilling out of RC's bag, the game would have been better, but she was good tv.

Pete: I think this guy is a wannabe. But he showed during the game he has learned from his mistakes and he sees the positives in it. But he showed how much he learned from Russell, and I wouldn't mind seeing him come back.

Artis: I didn't really like him that much, nor did he actually do anything. I don't have much to say about Artis.

RC: At first I liked her, but when she was voted off she couldn't get it out of her head. I don't like her laugh, it's annoying and I don't think she will return. So really she needed to just ignore what happened and just stayed in the tribe so she could have been safe.


I didn't mind Kalabaw but if they received Malcolm I think the tribe would have been stronger. This tribe was okay but after the merge they didn't stick together.

Carter: He's a cool guy. If he paid more attention on what was happening on the day he was voted out, he would have been fine.

Jonathan: He was okay this season. I really wanted him to talk garbage during the season, but he didn't. It was cool seeing him win immunity. He was the only Returnee who took the game seriously, if he didn't go running off on the first day of the season he wouldn't of had a massive as target despite the fact he played the game three times.

Jeff: I think if he teamed up with Penner they could do some terrible damage. If he tied the votes between RC and Pete I think Pete would have gone home. He didn't think about stuff half the time but oh well. If there is a next time for him he would do awesome despite the fact he has earned $60,000,000 through baseball.

Katie: She seemed cool, I would have liked it if she stayed a little bit longer, and even made it to the jury but she didn't. I hope she returns for a second chance but that might not happen but oh well. If Carter and Jeff voted out Penner the game would have turned differently.

Dawson: First of all LOL. I like how she cheers the tribe up, but her problem was she was the in your face kind of girl, especially to Jeff. It's was really funny when she was voted off she kissed Jeff, and it was the same at the reunion. And her final words were classic, I wouldn't mind if she returned but I don't think Jeff Probst would like that.

Dana: I didn't really like her that much. She seemed like Denise in a way which I don't like. I feel sorry when she was evacuated but that's how rough the game is.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this game was a fresh new season and I like how there was no Pagonging this season, horray. I hope the Caramoan is a step up from this season but this season was cool. I think this season didn't need returnees because they weren't in control.