Hey guys, since I haven't done a blog in ages I am doing one now.?

7th - Penner, I'm guessing the unpredictable will happen and Abi wins immunity. Although Penner is playing the game Malcolm will pick him off for being too good at this game. Penner probally will receive 5 votes, Malcolm 2.

6th - Skupin. After Penner leaves Malcolm/Denise will see the opportunity to vote off the last returning player . Skupin 5 votes, Carter 1 vote.

5th - Carter. Mainly because I picked him for the survivor: philippines game i want him to be in the top 5. Everyone will see he an easy opportunity to vote him off due to him not playing the game like Malcolm. Carter 4 votes, Malcolm 1 vote.

4th - Denise. Malcolm will see the opportunity to vote off Denise as she can easily win the game. Denise 3 votes, Abi 1 vote.

3rd - Abi-Maria. I think she'll come third because no one will vote for her. It's the most intelligent thing to do. She is really annoying and will receive no votes.

2nd - Lisa. I think she will convice a lot of the jury members to vote for her as she flipped but won't receive the whole lot. Jonathan and Skupin will vote for her.

1st - Malcolm. Malcolm has worked hard and everyone can see it. He has thought about the game and he earned it. Denise, Pete, RC, Artis, Jeff and Carter will vote for him.

Thank you everyone for reading.