Hey guys, this season I find it to be quite boring. It's no where as awesome as Micronesia. But I want to know what season you prefer and why. Place your comment in the comment space.

Survivor: Micronesia

Many say this season was predictable, but honestly who cares. It was one of the bests seasons ever, Jason and the fake idol. Ozzy and Jason's rivalry and how they both got blindsided with the idol in their possession. And Erik giving up the necklace. Moments like this made that season awesome. And hopefully you guys can see why I prefer it to Caramoan.

Survivor: Caramoan

Yes I think some of the episodes were awesome, but it's not the same. Brandon's antics lasted an episode. Many people liked the idea of keeping the most annoying castaways this season like Phillip and Shamar, but they were just annoying and I wanted them off my screen immediately. The favourites aren't as memorable as the original season. Dawn and Francesca aren't really faves in my opinion and Brandon, Cochran, Phillip and Erik aren't either (I do think Erik is awesome, but this season he does nothing). Some of the potential fans got booted before you got to know them could have saved the season, ect Laura, Julia, Matt and Allie could have been great players, but unless Survivor brings them back, then we'll never know.