1. Matty Whitmore, he almost had it but sugar flipped at the last tribal, but winning isn't important.

2. Phillip Sheppard, what a guy. He got his tribe paranoid and yet he came 2nd lol.

3. Erik Reichenbach, he was a guy who could make you laugh, and the way he went out was funy as.

4. Fabio Birza, the dumb blonde who fooled everyone. I was supporting him since marty was eliminated.

5. Bill Posley, treated like trash, he deserves a 2nd chance because colton was a rasist jerk. I wanted bill to make it far.

6. Matt Quinlan, I'm not much of a fan but he could have made a big move, Troyzan wrecked it tho. he needs to redeem himself with that.

7. Troyzan, I was supporting him from day 1 but he turned against matt and didn't get rid of colton. But he deserved to win.

8. Greg Buis, he was a crack up. He was an original player and he was awesome. Loved his jury speech.

9. Jonas Ojitusu, I gave his name a go. I could see him winning but somewhere down the line the girls backfired and then everything went downhill. I wanted the girls to call him master jonas.

10. Mikayla Wingle, I loved her 100%. I was sad to see her go and I hope she returns and could possibly make history.

11. Elyse Umemoto, she was awesome. I've never ever seen a hotter asian chick shiz a 1 of a kind, she didn't deserve to go early.

12. Marisa Calihan, she was the 1st victim to russell hantz, that proves enough.

13.Stephanie Valencia, the episode she was voted out in shouldn't of happened, and Sarita should have been the one going that night.

14. Sandy Burgins, you guys may have thought she was stupid but she was haliorious. She didn't know what a pace was but she was awesome and should return not probally won't.

15. Mary Saitans?, she could have got far but unfortunately she didn't. I would've loved to see her make it to the merge but Joel ruined that.

Continue later.