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  • Ometepe03

    Hey guys, after Caramoan has ended I and many of us have seen over the top comments like She is a disgusting human, and she doesn't deserve a life. But these people were trying to play the game and in the way got some of your favourite players out. Can't you accept the fact they're out. Because in life sometimes you won't like an idea or situation but you might not get a say or even get to criticise. And I might sound like a wee bit of a hypocrite but I would not go that far. I myself don't like some castaways and I might say I just hope he doesn't return, but saying they suck at life are insults to them and their families. You guys don't even know many of the castaways yourself, so who says you get to judge them like that. And I know I'm …

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  • Ometepe03

    Hey guys, this season I find it to be quite boring. It's no where as awesome as Micronesia. But I want to know what season you prefer and why. Place your comment in the comment space.

    Many say this season was predictable, but honestly who cares. It was one of the bests seasons ever, Jason and the fake idol. Ozzy and Jason's rivalry and how they both got blindsided with the idol in their possession. And Erik giving up the necklace. Moments like this made that season awesome. And hopefully you guys can see why I prefer it to Caramoan.

    Yes I think some of the episodes were awesome, but it's not the same. Brandon's antics lasted an episode. Many people liked the idea of keeping the most annoying castaways this season like Phillip and Shamar, but…

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  • Ometepe03

    Hey guys, a lot of people are doing this so I might as well join them. I will start off with Borneo and then to Pearl Islands. But once I have watched the previous seasons I will add them in too. Each castaway will be in their original season. I will put them in the order I'd prefer them to be in. All immunity winners were decided by a decider machine.

    Contestant Original Tribe Tribal Swap Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
    Ramona Gray

    Dirk Been

    Kelly Wiglesworth

    Jenna Lewis

    Stacey Stillman

    B.B. Andersen

    Colleen Haskell

    Gervase Peterson

    Greg Buis

    Gretchen Cordy

    Joel Klug

    Richard Hatch

    Rudy Boesch

    Sean Kenniff

    Sonja Christopher

    Susan Hawk


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  • Ometepe03

    I have to say, this season was way better than One World, except for the finale. If they kept Abi-Maria I would have liked the final episode. I didn't really like the fact Denise won, but she did. I hope the Caramoan is a step up from this season, but I liked the season in a way.

    This tribe would have been my favourite tribe even if they stayed strong and didn't loose every single challenge. If was sad to see them loose because some of them deserved to be there.

    Denise: I have to say Congratulations on winning but I didn't like her. She seemed okayish but in my opinion she did nothing. Sorry Denise lovers. I think if she kept her mouth shut about Abi being the most unlikable castaway on the island, it would be more entertaining.

    Malcolm: Favou…

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  • Ometepe03

    Hey guys, since I haven't done a blog in ages I am doing one now.?

    7th - Penner, I'm guessing the unpredictable will happen and Abi wins immunity. Although Penner is playing the game Malcolm will pick him off for being too good at this game. Penner probally will receive 5 votes, Malcolm 2.

    6th - Skupin. After Penner leaves Malcolm/Denise will see the opportunity to vote off the last returning player . Skupin 5 votes, Carter 1 vote.

    5th - Carter. Mainly because I picked him for the survivor: philippines game i want him to be in the top 5. Everyone will see he an easy opportunity to vote him off due to him not playing the game like Malcolm. Carter 4 votes, Malcolm 1 vote.

    4th - Denise. Malcolm will see the opportunity to vote off Denise as she c…

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