First off, applaud for my amazing pun.

Now I just finished watching the episode and the fans are just lost right now.  They have made the wrong move, not only once, but twice.  Both times, they have failed to get rid of the bad blood, Shamar.  Shamar is strong, but not a good player.  He has caused a ton of chaos to the tribe as well.

Now coming to this, I'm going to talk about some successful tribes pre-merge. Timbira, Galu, and Tandang all were dominant in challenges, and went into the merge with a huge numbers advantage. They also share in common? None of these tribes have produced a winner! My take is they wanted to turn on each other, because they had no chance to boot the bad blood and let it stir. So when it cam merge time, their plan was to get rid of each other and all fell apart.

So going back to Gota, Shamar is obviously the bad blood, I hope we can all agree on that. Now the fans are down one person and if they keep it up, they could go into the merge with equal or fewer numbers than the dominant favorites. And if they still have the bad blood, they will want to go for each other, opening the door for the favorites. And the favorites wouldn't miss that opportunity.

Now the fans have bleed some good blood out twice, and are down. I don't think they will recover and right now, I'm giving an 85% chance a favorite will win this game.

Agree? Disagree? Hampster? Voice your opinions in the comments. Thanks!

-This Isn't Liam 05:33, February 28, 2013 (UTC)