Ahhhh, today was the day of the reveal, and I have to say I am disappointed.  I knew most of the contestants that were returning, and was saddened by the people there.  So without further ado here is my analysis of the people returning


This one I am impartial to.  She was good with Matt, but seemed to bug me when it was down to Ometepe.  And I was extremely mad when she returned from Redemption Island.  She was probably the least deserving, but she earned it at least... My Happiness - 4/10


Apparently not only the theme is FvF, it's also "Give up immunity and be voted out"  He was a great watch in South Pacific, but did not "redeem" the Hantz name.  Honestly, I am happy to see him back and hope he can redeem himself this time around.  My Happiness - 8.5/10


The mastermind who people actually did something about.  In Nicaragua, she was one of my favorites.  Who knew a pretty girl could be a mastermind?  She definitely could go all the way like Parv did in the original FvF.  And when I heard there was another FvF, I immediately chose her and another to return - soon I'll get to it.  My Happiness 9.5/10


While everyone rants that no one loves him, I freaking love him.  Yes, he is the reason why Ozzy lost, but that's the way.  If you watch videos online, you'll see how much Savai was an *** to him.  So him making the switch really earned my respect.  He was the man who I knew was to return and I hope he will be able to win the game and finally earn the respect of fans everywhere.  My Happiness - 10/10


Haven't watched Gabon in forever. In fact, not since the live finale. I can remember her little as the lovable b*****. So I thought she was likely to return. My Happiness - Can't remember, but she is deserving


So I guess there must be an old lady on every tribe... But she is deserving to return.  My favorite point was when she won immunity in "Shoulder the Load"  And she was the lovable underdog through the game.  My Happiness - 7/10


So he is in Fans vs favorites and Fans vs "Favorites"  But he does deserve to return: but the world remembers him as an idiot. He did great in challenges, but just had a ton of bad luck with Parv and all.  This time, if he can get to the merge and not give up his necklace, he could be an alliance destroyer and take the entire thing.  My Happiness - 8/10


Unless the producers read "Survivor: Burma" I wonder what they were smoking when they made this decision.  Under any circumstance should the first boot be a "Favorite"  Luckily The Specialist is there to mess her up and hopefully make her 2/2... in being first boot. My Happiness - 1/10


This guy is great.  Was my pick to win Philippines, but came up short.  This time he has the "Russell Advantage" no one knows what he did, so he is in a great spot to play.  I can see him going far once again.  My Happiness - 8/10


I don't know if I can take more of him... lol.  He was great in RI and I hope he can do some of his Phillip things to make this season as much as a laugh.  Contestant wise - he sucks.  I think this time his tribe will band together and vote him off before any major damage.  My Happiness - 6.5/10

Last Words

This year I will call this Fans vs "Favorites"  There are some that don't deserve to return and some that did (then again I don't know if they were asked. ex: Matt Elrod might have turned down the offer after finding out his dad was atheist or something)  So I am disapointed, but hopefully these people will make it a good season.

And I might make a Fans analysis - just thinking about it.