Well the next season is coming soon, these are just a few of things I hope happens in the season.

Immunity Idols Do Something:

Since HvV, the idol hasn't had any effect on the vote. Maybe this time, one can actually shake up the game and someone gets blindsided when an idol cancels out the majority vote.

Rookies Don't Make Returnee Captain:

This is what I want the most, in both Redemption Island seasons, the returnee, other than Russell, became the leader and controlled most of the vote. Maybe one tribe can follow Zapatera and get rid of the returnee. Make a rookie step up, since the ones in RI and SP sucked, with a few exceptions.

Later Merge:

I understand the 12 person merges in Samoa and Nicaragua, since it was 8-4 in people remaining. In RI and SP it was also fine since a player returned to the game. In One World, I hoped for a later merge since it could have shaked up the game more. Hopefully, they'll go back to the 10 person merge and have a better inner-tribe wars.

No "Pagonging"

The last three seasons, after the merge have sucked. In RI and SP, after the final 12, I could have skipped to the final 6 and resume. Same with SP if it weren't for Matt and Ozzy on Redemption. In One World, it was just Troyzan and immunity that was the worry to the alliance. This time I want more backstabbing, betrayal and such. Make the second half of the season interesting for a change. If not, I'll take someone going on an immunity streak.

A New Cool Twist That's New

Other than the returning players, I want something cool to happen that shakes up the game. I just hope they bring in something that can change the way people think.

Well that's what I hope happens, since the last few seasons have been really dull. I just hope some of these things happen this time or in a future season. Otherwise my interest in this show will go down real quick.