These are just some things I think of the first episode, and I'll have some predictions in them too.


This looks like the strongest tribe of the bunch. I feel they will look good for later. Only concern is Penner, really.


I didn't see too much of him this episode, but looked strong in the challenge. My Take: Later Pre-Merge of Early Jury Member


She seems pretty cool. She didn't do too well in the challenge, (she was running right?). My Take: I think she'll be the first newbie on the tribe to go though...


She looked alright. Not too much spoken about her in the first episode, but I think knowing Jeff's secret will play key soon. My Take: Last Kalabaw Standing


Other than the knee thing, he looked great, especially in the challenge. I still love him. My Take: Around same time Carter goes


My biggest worry about this tribe, especially with the target him and Swan have. Good thing he found a clue, I still want him to do great. My Take: The first Kalabaw to go, unless he gets an idol.


I saw little of her. Either she didn't do anything or I can't watch TV for 1:30 straight. Either or. My Take: Early Boot(?)


This tribe looks like a really strategic tribe. If they can get to the merge with numbers, they can go all the way. Honestly, they are my least favorite tribe.


Her? Strategist? Wut? My Take: Could land a spot in the final 3


Did he even speak? My Take: Pre-Merge Boot


Outcast. Reveal your secret, or you'll leave soon. My Take: First on tribe to go


He looks great. If he doesn't kill himself. My Take: Makes it to finale, or get evacuated... Again...


He looks string. But dumb. I see an Ometepe/Upolu/Salani Pagoning type thing where he just goes with it. My Take: Thrid Place


Her boobs are fake. See Abi-Maria. My Take: Could go to finals?


This tribe will have the most trouble, I think. However, the people have some potential. I am dissapointed to see them suck, with such great people.


See R.C., except replace boobs with body. She looks she has potential, but shouldn't have stepped down so easily with Zane. My Take: Easy vote, then gets blondsided after merge


I liked her at first, when talking with Zane, but then she dissapeared. My Take: Makes the Jury


This guy seems like he's gonna be awesome. Reminds me of Ozzy, both with mad survival skills and crazy hair. My Take: If Tandang starts Pagonging, he will win immunity, lots. But won't make it to the finale


Did she do anything? My Take: Pre-Merge boot or early Jury


This guy is in trouble. He needs the idol. Like Penner. He shouldn;t have taken over the leader role so quickly. My Take: He might be done soon.


This guy had a nice strategy, but fell flat on his face. Would like to see him try again later in the future. My Take: None. He's gone.

I might want to try to do this weekly, but I'll get lazy after next week. But don't be suprised after a few weeks when my thoughts change (I thought Kim would be a pre-merge boot). <--- That's why predictions at the moment are good.