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  • NotLiam

    Returning Players My Ass!

    September 18, 2013 by NotLiam
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  • NotLiam

    So I have been reading on this wiki and places like PoS and I have come up with the best 5 males that should return for the next season of Survivor.

    Isn't this guy just amazing?  Don't you just wish he could be on your TV 24/7?  This season will no doubt be amazing if he returns.  AND TO MAKE IT BETTER - another Hantz will play as his "loved one." isn't that awesome?

    Let's make this season "better" by adding the "greatest" person "ever" to "play" this game.  And with Brandon in this season, we'll see not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 HANTZES!!!!! Isn't that everyone's greatest dream?  If he returns BvW will be 70013% better.  Plus afterall, the "best" player ever needs to win this game ;)

    If we see him and Brandon in the same season again, we all kn…

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  • NotLiam

    Why The Fans are "Hope-less"

    February 28, 2013 by NotLiam

    First off, applaud for my amazing pun.

    Now I just finished watching the episode and the fans are just lost right now.  They have made the wrong move, not only once, but twice.  Both times, they have failed to get rid of the bad blood, Shamar.  Shamar is strong, but not a good player.  He has caused a ton of chaos to the tribe as well.

    Now coming to this, I'm going to talk about some successful tribes pre-merge. Timbira, Galu, and Tandang all were dominant in challenges, and went into the merge with a huge numbers advantage. They also share in common? None of these tribes have produced a winner! My take is they wanted to turn on each other, because they had no chance to boot the bad blood and let it stir. So when it cam merge time, their plan…

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  • NotLiam

    Ahhhh, today was the day of the reveal, and I have to say I am disappointed.  I knew most of the contestants that were returning, and was saddened by the people there.  So without further ado here is my analysis of the people returning

    This one I am impartial to.  She was good with Matt, but seemed to bug me when it was down to Ometepe.  And I was extremely mad when she returned from Redemption Island.  She was probably the least deserving, but she earned it at least... My Happiness - 4/10

    Apparently not only the theme is FvF, it's also "Give up immunity and be voted out"  He was a great watch in South Pacific, but did not "redeem" the Hantz name.  Honestly, I am happy to see him back and hope he can redeem himself this time around.  My Happ…

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  • NotLiam

    The Merge... Predictions

    November 2, 2012 by NotLiam

    Trying to bring back my old predictions of what I think will happen from this point in the game to when someone is crowned the sole-survivor. Lots have changed since I last made one of these.

    At first I was all WTF, same with my mom, who is Filipino (she was wondering what ot meant, after she remebered what the 3 starting tribes were). I think the pun is hillarious. One of the best tribe names for the merge since something like Yin-Yang or something...

    Interesting how the jury started with the merge. With RC being part of the jury, there is either going to be a 9-man jury with final 2, 8 man jury with final 3, or 7 man with final 4 (which I think is near impossible.) This definately shakes things up as now one can't bring along the dead…

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