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Survivor: Solomon Islands Casting!

Survivor: Solomon Islands

Season 3 - Boys vs. Girls - Old School Style

Hey guys! My name is Nate and I host the Survivor shadow game over at

I am about to start season three of our Survivor series and this time I need 18 new players which will be split into teams of 9, one team of girls and one team of guys. This game is very much like the real thing except, of course, it's all done online. But there will be real challenges, real vote-offs and real drama. It's a ton of fun, last season was a big success and I hope to make this one even better!

If you are interested in taking part in this, head on over to and message me, Nate, letting me know you're interested! So far I have 15 players, and I need two girls and a guy to join before Saturday! Hurry up and grab a spot. It should be lots of fun :)

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