Welcome to the Survivor Fantasy League: Blood vs Water edition! I’m MisterDenisov (or Des, it you prefer), and along with Sam (aka. Cancanpiano), we’re going to bring you a whole season of fun – and you don’t even need to bring a family member!

If you want to find out more about the game, follow this link. Sign-ups have closed, but if you want a refresher on the rules, that's where you'll find them!

Episode One Points

Here are the scorecards for the exciting premiere, Blood Is Thicker Than Anything. If you think something has been scored incorrectly, let us know in the comments below and we'll update the scores accordingly. To preserve the sanity of both Sam and myself, we'll amend the scores the following week, so don't bug out if this page doesn't get updated!


  • In order to keep better balance, the score value of the Bonus Questions has been reduced to FIVE POINTS PER CORRECT ANSWER.
  • We will be giving out some extra points!
    • If you are at the top of the ladder in any given week, you will score an additional THIRTY POINT BONUS!
    • If you are the first person to have all four of your castaways eliminated from the game, you will score a BONUS FIFTY POINTS!
    • If you are the last person to have their entire team of four still in the game, you will score a BONUS FIFTY POINTS!

Castaway Points

Blood vs Water Fantasy League: Blood Is Thicker Than Anything Castaway Scores
Template:Tribebox3dark Template:Tribebox3dark S27 colton t
70 pts
Template:Tribebox3dark S27 monica t
50 pts
S27 lauram t
49 pts
S27 gervase t
48 pts
S27 kat t
45 pts
S27 tina t
45 pts
Template:Tribebox3dark Template:Tribebox3dark Template:Tribebox3dark S27 aras t
35 pts
Template:Tribebox3dark Template:Tribebox3dark S27 tyson t
25 pts
S27 laurab t
17 pts
Template:Tribebox3dark Template:Tribebox3dark

An Explanation of the Points:

  • Galang wins the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, scoring each tribe member 25 points.
  • Candice and Laura B. were voted out in the First Impressions twist, and Marissa was voted out at Tribal Council, losing them -20 points each.
  • Anybody who voted for the person who was sent to Redemption Island(at either First Impressions or Tribal) received 10 points. Anybody who voted for somebody who wasn't sent to Redemption scored a penalty -10 points.
  • Each 'vote against' scored a penalty of -2 points for each vote.
  • Laura B. and Rupert swapped places at Redemption Island, scoring each of them 20 points.
  • Rupert said the episode title, Blood is Thicker Than Anything, scoring him 30 points!
  • Each confessional a contestant received was worth 5 points. Brad led the tally in this category with ten confessionals (for a whopping 50 points). Tyson, at the other end of the spectrum, only had one confessional (for a measly 5 points).
  • Brad and Tyson mention former Survivor contestants: Brad mentions John Cochran twice (for 10 points), and Tyson refers to Rob Mariano once (5 points).
  • Colton, John and Katie were all bleeped, scoring them each 5 points (Colton and Katie swore during the challenge, and John cussed before Tribal Council).
  • John, Laura B. and Rachel all read the Day Zero Tree Mail, and Colton and Rachel read the challenge Tree Mail, scoring them each 5 points (or 10 for Rachel and her exemplary reading skillz).
  • There looked to be a lot of crying going on at Day 1, so I didn't get the chance to examine each and every face. SO, the crying points have only been awarded to castaways who were prominently shown crying. Rupert and Laura B. both cried when they swapped places at Redemption Island (5 points each). Colton cried twice (at camp and at the challenge, for 10 points). But it was Captain America himself who was the real softie, crying three times for 15 points (after deciding not to swap at Redemption, in a confessional and again at Tribal - somebody get that guy a Kleenex!).
  • Pop Culture time! Hayden (as expected) mentions Big Brother and Ciera compares her teen pregnancy to 16 and Pregnant (5 points each). But it is Aras who takes the cake with both a sports reference to the Redskins when voting for Gervase and a comic book reference when he later calls Gervase "Aquaman" (scoring him 10 points).

Bonus Points

These are the answers to the Episode One Bonus Questions:

Regular Questions:

  • Who will win Reward? None (combined with Immunity)
  • Who will win Immunity? Galang
  • Who will win the Duel (first place)?  None
  • Who will be eliminated in the Duel? None
  • Who will be voted out? Marissa
  • How many votes will they receive (not including revotes)? Eight
  • Will there be a revote? No
  • Who says the episode title? Rupert

Special Questions:

  • Who will be voted out by Galang in the First Impressions twist? Candice
  • Who will be voted out by Tadhana in the First Impressions twist? Laura B.
  • Who will get the first confessional? Gervase
  • Who will carry the tribe flag to the Immunity challenge for Galang? Tyson
  • Who will carry the tribe flag to the Immunity challenge for Tadhana? John
  • How many people will say they are surprised/shocked/etc that they are separated from their Loved One? Zero (yes, NOBODY said they were surprised by the twist!)

League Standings

Here's the part you've been waiting for...

Blood vs Water Fantasy League: The Top Fifteen
No. Player Team Castaways Bonus Total
1 Zurvivor S27 aras tS27 brad tS27 ciera tS27 lauram t 197 35 232
2 Cancanpiano.joffe381 S27 caleb tS27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 rupert t 198 30 228
3 Pieniazek666 S27 brad tS27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 tyson t 186 40 226
4 BeteeD3 S27 ciera tS27 john tS27 kat tS27 tina t 190 30 220
5 Johnarvin S27 ciera tS27 hayden tS27 kat tS27 rupert t 190 25 215
6 Baileyvogt S27 aras tS27 gervase tS27 rachel tS27 vytas t 168 45 213
7 Dangrayne S27 gervase tS27 lauram tS27 tina tS27 tyson t 187 23 210
8 MisterDenisov S27 aras tS27 katie tS27 lauram tS27 vytas t 167 40 207
9 Jordanocean S27 aras tS27 hayden tS27 lauram tS27 rachel t 159 45 204
10 Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd S27 ciera tS27 gervase tS27 monica tS27 vytas t 178 25 203
11 Sinjoh S27 katie tS27 laurab tS27 rupert tS27 tina t 175 25 200
12 Eliman08 S27 aras tS27 brad tS27 gervase tS27 katie t 199 0 199
NotLiam S27 lauram tS27 monica tS27 tyson tS27 vytas t 169 30 199
14 Jasonsmutek9399 S27 aras tS27 ciera tS27 gervase tS27 monica t 168 30 198
15 Zingerace23 S27 aras tS27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 lauram t 167 30 197

Congratulations to Zurvivor for topping the ladder this week - you will be rewarded with a bonus next week! If you didn't place within the Top 15, you can see your score - and your place amongst the 63 competitors in the league by clicking the image below!


Stay tuned for the Bonus Questions for Episode Two, and we'll see you back here next week for Rule in Chaos!