Welcome to the Survivor Fantasy League: Blood vs Water edition! I’m MisterDenisov (or Des, it you prefer), and along with Sam (aka. Cancanpiano), we’re going to bring you a whole season of fun – and you don’t even need to bring a family member!

If you want to find out more about the game, follow this link. Sign-ups will still be open until the premiere of the episode, so if you haven't joined already go across to that page and sign up in the comments!

This page here is about the Bonus Questions! In addition to the points you get because of your chosen castaways doing various things on the show, you can also earn points by correctly answering the Bonus Questions. Each week, we'll post a list of Questions for the upcoming episode, and if you get them right, you'll score some more points.

The questions will come in two forms: the Regular Questions (which will be asked every week) and the Special Questions (which will change each week). For Episode One, here are the questions:

Regular Questions:

  • Who will win Reward? (or answer NONE if you don't think there will be a reward challenge, or if you think it will be combined with immunity)
  • Who will win Immunity?
  • Who will win the Duel (first place)?  (answer NONE if you don't think there will be a duel)
  • Who will be eliminated in the Duel? (answer NONE if you don't think there will be a duel)
  • Who will be voted out?
  • How many votes will they receive (not including revotes)?
  • Will there be a revote?
  • Who says the episode title?

Special Questions:

  • Who will be voted out by in the First Impressions twist (for each tribe)?
  • Who will get the first confessional?
  • Who will carry the tribe flag to the Immunity challenge (for each tribe)?
  • How many people will say they are surprised/shocked/etc that they are separated from their Loved One? (full points for the exact number, half points if you guess within two)

Each correct answer will score you ten points! An incorrect answer has no penalty - just the shame of being wrong...

So how do you send in your answers? After we post the questions, you will have until the airing of the next episode' to submit your questions by either email or blog.

  • If you want to email your answers, copy the questions into an email, answer them and send them to You MUST put your username into the subject heading, along with the episode number (for instance: MisterDenisov - Episode One Bonus Questions).
  • Or you can reply to THIS thread with your answers. Remember, if you post them here, then everyone can see them!

These are the only two places where we will accept answers. Not through Facebook, or the chat, or by pigeon, smoke signals or Tree Mail. Since we have almost 60 people playing at current count, we need to keep it easy for us to keep track of!

So get your answers in before the premiere on September 18, and let's get the party started! I'll bring the blood, you bring the water.