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My Dream Heroes v. villains 2 cast

Misilva January 9, 2014 User blog:Misilva

I know many of these have already been made, but here's my hypothetical list :)


Shane - Exile Island

Jean Robert - China

Vytas - Blood V. Water

Pete - Philippines

Judd - Guatemala

Ciera - Blood v. Water

Corinne - Gabon

Natalie - Micronesia

Abi Maria - Philippines

Alicia - One World


Hayden - Blood v. Water

Yau Man - Fiji

Earl - Fiji

Malcolm - Philippines

Ian - Palau

Peih Gee - China

Christina - One World

Taj - Tocantins

Christine - South Pacific

Rachel - Blood V. Water

I also think Exile Island should be brought back. What do you think? What is your dream HvV II cast?

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