• Misilva

    I was wondering what a BBB season would look like with returning players. Here are some of my ideas...


    Jean- Robert (China)

    Jim Rice (South Pacific)

    Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)

    Eliza (Vanuatu)

    Peih- Gee (China)

    Shambo (Samoa)


    Sherea (China)

    Taj (Tocantins)

    Monica Culpepper (One World)

    Joel (Micronesia)

    Terry Deitz (Panama: Exile Island)

    BobDawg (Panama: Exile Island)


    Malcolm (Philippines)

    Eddie Fox (Caramoan)

    Brett (Samoa)

    Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)

    Ciera (Blood vs Water)

    Ashley (Redemption Island)

    What are your thoughts? Who would you place on each tribe?

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  • Misilva

    Hypothetically, if CBS decided to do a Brains v Beauty V Brawn season with returning players, who would you like to see on each tribe?

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  • Misilva

    Best Voting Confessionals?

    January 9, 2014 by Misilva

    What do you think are some of the best voting confessionals in survivor history?

    Crystal Cox comes to mind... FORGETCHU. GO HOME. GOODBYE

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  • Misilva

    I know many of these have already been made, but here's my hypothetical list :)


    Shane - Exile Island

    Jean Robert - China

    Vytas - Blood V. Water

    Pete - Philippines

    Judd - Guatemala

    Ciera - Blood v. Water

    Corinne - Gabon

    Natalie - Micronesia

    Abi Maria - Philippines

    Alicia - One World


    Hayden - Blood v. Water

    Yau Man - Fiji

    Earl - Fiji

    Malcolm - Philippines

    Ian - Palau

    Peih Gee - China

    Christina - One World

    Taj - Tocantins

    Christine - South Pacific

    Rachel - Blood V. Water

    I also think Exile Island should be brought back. What do you think? What is your dream HvV II cast?

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