This is my take on the upcoming season of survivor.If there is 39 DAYS 18 PEOPLE 1 SURVIVOR then there has to be something said about it.

Brawn is not everything in survivor:Just because you win alot of immunities doesnt exactly mean you will win it all there has been alot of brain sort of tribes vs brawn sort of tribes or brain vs brawn individual set up.brain (left) vs Brawn (Right) examples:Tina vs Colby,Yul vs Ozzy,Sandra vs Parvati.So the Point is Brawn is not everything,sure it will earn you 3 or 4 votes but not enough to win over brain maybe.

The Beauty Tribe:It all depends on what kind of people they are...I feel like people have under estimated them.All 3 tribes have a super power to use there just isnt as revealed.The super power is actually flirting.If you look back to parvatis island flirt book If you flirt 24/7 while your there you can go far but just not do much.But If you really work it with some strategy in the end then your in luck.

The Brawn Tribe:Everybody things there gonna be mot like Tandang.People have under estimated them on being dumb jocks.There super power is strength obviously.If you see Ozzy or Colby play....You see that they you strength a littlle bit of strategy that wont work it could earn you second with 3 or 4 votes at FTC but its not gonna help you win.But if you see boston robs style....He uses his strength but he also uses a majority of his mind.If they are at final tribal council against brain then they would have to remember strategy matters more than strength when people vote.

The Brain Tribe:People think there gonna be about like kalabaw or mogo mogo.But if they want to succeed the first thing they need to do is use sports man ship to the other teams,If you looks at russell he uses pure strategy not much social action.They would have to use a balance of Strategy and Social connections.If you look at chris he balanced it smooth he was strategic and when it came to social relationships he grew all of them with the remaining merge women.

The Steriotype cast:People basically think its Nerds vs Dumb Jocks vs Dumb Blondes.Well I have Faith in the cast that it can happen.yes its been a while since we have experienced judging all new players

The Dominant tribe,the avergae tribe,and the underdog tribe:Usually there is a set up where there is a great tribe in challenges (chapera tandang),that average tribe (mogo mogo Kalabaw).And that tribe that fails  at challenges (saboga mating).I dont really think its gonna fall into place like that.I think because of the tribes being seperated by certain categories would be meaning a random anybody can win challenge type of thing.

Those are my thoughts on the new season! :) I had faith in Blood vs water to start with,and im gonna have faith in this! :).I pretty much have faith in any American survivor season.There is always something special about this good ol'd show thats been around for a while.