Ok so these are more than 10 pairs but dreaming is still dreaming i mean i like the blood vs water cast already but i was thinking still.

  • Cirie and her husband HB-Cirie is so funny and seing both of them in panama for about 7 minutes in camera tv made me say?Can they be that entertaining and not possibly be on survivor together?
  • Big Tom and his son Bo-Tom has got the funny country spirit hes a funny player and Bo you see the guy do so well at a food eating challenge hes  a younger version of big tom.
  • Cindy and her twin sister Mindy-I liked both of them from the loved ones reward in guatemela,plus maybe they'd acidently get mixed up as twins...
  • Parvati and her dad Mike-I liked parvatis game played not loved liked,and i actually liked her and her dad from the loved ones challenge back in cook islands
  • Judd and his wife Kristin-Judd is a crazy "guatemalan jungle king",and i liked both of them together,plus a guy saying "i threw up for half a minute man i can do back flip right now"!
  • Amanda and her sister Katrina,Amanda is one of my favorite players,and i feel like if they played they would have been a good pair.
  • Terry and his wife Trish-I liked how terry was a smart competetive underdog,and i like how trish is even more competitive than terry,its kinda like a older version of john and candice both pairs competitive
  • Crazy town Shane and his son Boston-Ok where do i start?Shanes a complete lunitic that does anything to get attention he's like a drunk real life version of spongebob,and boston hes old enough to be on the show now and i liked him from the loves one reward in panama.
  • Twila and her son James,Oh Gawd,,,Twila was just constantly fighting with people doesnt bother me it makes good tv,and she even swore on her sons name that she was on board with an alliance.
  • Lex and his wife,I like lex never saw Africa or All-stars so dont know much about him but him but hes a strategy player and i like that.I saw a challenge for africa and his wife seemed interesting.
  • Jonathan and his wife Stacey(Henry if your reading this im not talking about you i think thats her name btw)-I like jonathan hes there for the game and the strategy and idk much about his wife but she seems like she and jonathan would make a good team.
  • Sandra and her husband-Sandra is so funny she is a good player,and her and her husband would probally make a good team.
  • Rob C and his wife Nicole-Ive seen rob has a podcast and i must say rob and nicole are awesome.

I dont care if you like it or dont like it its my opinion.:)