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  • Malakal101

    I draw survivor logo's ive drawn seasons 1-26.I designed and drew carribean Also btwdoes anyone know when the airing date and cast for cagayan comes out??Btw dont blame the early seasons i drew.

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  • Malakal101

    This is my take on the upcoming season of survivor.If there is 39 DAYS 18 PEOPLE 1 SURVIVOR then there has to be something said about it.

    Brawn is not everything in survivor:Just because you win alot of immunities doesnt exactly mean you will win it all there has been alot of brain sort of tribes vs brawn sort of tribes or brain vs brawn individual set up.brain (left) vs Brawn (Right) examples:Tina vs Colby,Yul vs Ozzy,Sandra vs Parvati.So the Point is Brawn is not everything,sure it will earn you 3 or 4 votes but not enough to win over brain maybe.

    The Beauty Tribe:It all depends on what kind of people they are...I feel like people have under estimated them.All 3 tribes have a super power to use there just isnt as revealed.The super power i…

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  • Malakal101

    Ok so these are more than 10 pairs but dreaming is still dreaming i mean i like the blood vs water cast already but i was thinking still.

    • Cirie and her husband HB-Cirie is so funny and seing both of them in panama for about 7 minutes in camera tv made me say?Can they be that entertaining and not possibly be on survivor together?
    • Big Tom and his son Bo-Tom has got the funny country spirit hes a funny player and Bo you see the guy do so well at a food eating challenge hes  a younger version of big tom.
    • Cindy and her twin sister Mindy-I liked both of them from the loved ones reward in guatemela,plus maybe they'd acidently get mixed up as twins...
    • Parvati and her dad Mike-I liked parvatis game played not loved liked,and i actually liked her and he…
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  • Malakal101

    Survivor tribes

    October 31, 2013 by Malakal101

    There has been lots of survivor tribes some are entertains some are not.also some win challenges and some don't.Anyway what tribe do you think is the most boring and The most entertaining.(Not counting merge tribes). ;)

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  • Malakal101

    Well,I had my birthday during the episodes bamboozled in panama where Shane was blindsided in 2006 and the episode you mangled my nets in redemption island where Andrea was blindsided in 2011.Some people have had a great moment or a terrible moment happen during your birthday.So have you ever had your birthday during survivor night,if you have did you ever have a good or bad moment happen or even a piece of survivor history.My birthday is on may 4th. :)

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