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The Mr.Survivor results

On February 11, 2013, I nominated 10 men to be The Mr.Survivor. Now today the results are in!

Here was who was nominated: Russell Hantz, Rupert Boneham, Fabio Birza, Marty Pimbo, Ralph Kiser, Philip Sheppard, Brandon Hantz, Cochran, Colton Cumbie, Tarzan Smith, Malocolm Freberg, and Johnathan Penner.

People who got votes: Russell Hantz, Fabio Birza, Ralph Kiser, Brandon Hantz, Johnathan Penner, and  Malcolm Freberg.

With 6 votes the Mr. Survivor is.............................FABIO BIRZA congradulations if you wanna see how the vote go to this blog post Mad Russell's Awards.

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