I have been hearing a great deal of the Survivor: Caramoan Spoiled returnees. My thoughts of it I define RIDICULOUS.  So as a result I will be making a list of Survivors that are more likely and also mention some of the spoiled castaways and cross them out. Although just remember I am not trying to conducting any spoilers.

Erik ReichenbachEdit

Yes , He is one of the said Returnees. I think the odds of his return are 9/10. I also think it would very interesting. Since he was in the previous Fan vs Favorites season, and If He was to come back as a Favorite it would be for him like going through a mirror. If He does come back My only hope for him is to not His stupid move again.

Shamboo WatersEdit

Yes I mean Shamboo Waters . She was the first female captain, I think if Russell Hantz wasnt asked then she would. Not to mention she was so close to making it to the final five if the Brett didn't win Immunity. I think the odds for her Return are a 4/10.

Corinne KaplanEdit

Well this little Wicked Witch is another Spoiled Returnee. If you Remember on the Final Tribal Council she told Sugar that the only thing she would give her is some type of pills so they wouldn't have to hear her cry about her father. If she came back she would would rather stay the same a become a pre-merge boot or would change her ways and make to the jury. so the odds of her return are 6/10.

Marty PiomboEdit

He was the Russell Hantz of the Espada Tribe in a way by Defeating the Jimmies and finding the hidden immunity idol. Not to mention He was robbed by those rotten Fools Jane and Sash. Since he was said to have a chance to return and for his famous rivalry against Jane. his odds are 5/10

David MurphyEdit

Maybe not the best choice for bringing back, but hey it's better than Bringning Francesca Back ( I mean anyone who thinks she will be back is crazy).  He has the highest IQ with 144.  Not to mention he was the Mutineer of the Zapetera Six. He was also Robbed by Boston Rob. Looking at this His odds are again 5/10.

John CochranEdit

Or as some people would call " the Cochroach". Incase some people don't him he was the Traitor of the Savaii alliance due to the fact he was bullied by the alliance alot so there is a reason for his act. So as a result he was blindsided by Coach and the rest of the Upolu Five. Since he was said to return and of his memorable the odds of his return are possibly 6/10.

Tarzan SmithEdit

The last man standing, now you would expect this person to be the next one out but that was not the case. Instead,He lasted for another six days so this guy we should consider a TRUE SURVIVOR let's give him around of applause. Due to this and of how close of he could have the fan favorite award, the odds of his return are 5/10.

Malcom FrebergEdit

He had the physical power of Fabio Birza, and the mind of Russell Hantz. I have always looked for someone with this capabilty. Despise his rather poor decision of words on Deneise, He was unstoppable! If he came back he would have the overkill advantage due to nobody has ever seen what Malcom did on Philippines. Since he was also said to return and of his great popularity the odds of his return  are 8/10.

Albert DestradeEdit

This guy was awesome there was not one thing he said that invalid. He started quiet then as the game moved slowly, he slowly showed his true colors.That is an awesome stratedgy. Now since of his amazing stratedgy,  and his success to day 39, the odds of his return are 5/10.

Cao boi buiEdit

The Inventor of "Plan Voodoo" or a plan to split the votes in the event of the hidden immunity idol. Despise his plan becoming a backfire his plan became the creator of the generation of the Survivor we know of today. Now including this information, along with his fire dance, and including the part where he is tragically taken for granted, the odds of his return are 4/10.