In every season, there is a winner. Some deserve it, some don't. Now, I will cover who I think should have won, under the criteria of both strategic and physical play. I will cover the seasons where I think something went wrong.

  • Australia: Tina didn't do too much, and Colby won most challenges. Didn't really deserve to win.
  • Amazon: Pretty tough one. Everyone from the final three did pretty well in the game. Jenna, Mathew, and Rob all deserved the money. But, what can you do.
  • All-Stars: What did Amber do. Really. NOTHING. What did Rob do EVERYTHING. Rob won challenges, and convinced people not to vote for Amber. Just because some people hate Rob. So sad.
  • Panama: Terry deserved it so much. But, Aras defeated the witch, so that's okay.
  • Fiji: Dreamz cheated Yau-Man. He should have won. But, Earl was okay.
  • Samoa: Natalie did NOTHING. Russell and Mick all won at least 1 challenge. Jaison won 2. Natalie: 0. Jaison Russell, or Mick all should have won.
  • South Pacific: My BIGGEST problem. Sophie won immunity a few times, but could have been gone in the blink of an eye with one order from Coach. People didn't like Coach because he was the brains behind everything. Some people got over that, some people were still sore. Albert, well, he did win sometimes, so he would have been ok, but the same that goes for Sophie could be the same for him. Coach could have ordered him to be gone. Coach could have easily brought Rick and Brandon. Or Ozzy, but he wasn't stupid enough to bring someone he KNEW the mainly Savai'i jury would vote for.