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  • I live in Wisconsin
  • My occupation is Student
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  • King Piccolo16

    After being voted out from Survivor: Wikia 2, I was a little upset. I realized that was kinda stupid. Why be angry? The game was fun, and I was happy to have been competing. I look forward to another chance at winning.

    Aside from that, I am sorry if I was dead weight for my tribe. I deserved being voted out after being inactive. I just didn't expect to be voted out. Considering my incpactivity, I'm happy with my placement. I can see the results of my elimination, with Honu's winning streak. Gerard, Cassie, Tommy, I'm sorry.

    P.S. I can say that without my Hidden Immunity Idol, I'd be a little scared if I were still in the game. What, with two more idols still in the game.

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  • King Piccolo16

    In every season, there is a winner. Some deserve it, some don't. Now, I will cover who I think should have won, under the criteria of both strategic and physical play. I will cover the seasons where I think something went wrong.

    • Australia: Tina didn't do too much, and Colby won most challenges. Didn't really deserve to win.
    • Amazon: Pretty tough one. Everyone from the final three did pretty well in the game. Jenna, Mathew, and Rob all deserved the money. But, what can you do.
    • All-Stars: What did Amber do. Really. NOTHING. What did Rob do EVERYTHING. Rob won challenges, and convinced people not to vote for Amber. Just because some people hate Rob. So sad.
    • Panama: Terry deserved it so much. But, Aras defeated the witch, so that's okay.
    • Fiji: Dream…
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