Ever notice how many cheap shots he takes?

For instance, voting people out before the game even begins? They don't even get the chance to play the game. Imagine how they must feel. That's worse than being the first voted out or being airlifted out due to injury because at least then you get to play the game for a bit.

I distinctly remember one time when there was a loved ones challenge and the winner got to choose two people to go with them along with their loved ones... then Jeff said he/she (can't remember which) could give the reward to everyone else, thus sacrificing the reward not only for himself/herself, but for the two people who this person most likely likes the most. I can't remember the season but I'll never get over that.

And in the most recent episode, Jeff divided the merged tribe into two teams for a reward challenge... when there was an odd number of players! Why would he do that? Missy never even had a chance to compete for reward!

Oh, and of course there's making them wait until they get to the United States for the final vote, which he's done every season except the first