Agree or disagree. Here is list of castaways I strongly dislike despite how each individual played the game I was rubbed the absolute wrong way. Tell me yours if you're interested I like to dish.

Lillian Morris of Pearl Islands

JT Thomas of Tocantins & Heroes vs. Villains

Coach Wade of Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains & South Pacific

Ozzy of Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific

Amanda of China, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains

Shambo of Samoa

Alicia Rosa & Troyzan Robertson of One World

Ashley Underwood & Natalie Tenerelli of Redemption Island

Chase Rice & Sash Lenahan of Nicaragua

Erik Reichenbach of Micronesia & Caramoan

Jeff Kent & Lisa Welchel of Philippines

Russell Swan of Samoa & Philippines