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Survivor Heroes VS Villains 2 (No Previous Winners)

Kdadul June 1, 2013 User blog:Kdadul

Survivor Heroes vs Villains 2 (Never Won)


-          Ian (Palau)

-          Cao Boi/Yau Man (Cooks/Fiji & Micronesia)

-          Stephen (Tocantins)

-          Holly (Nicaragua)

-          Brett (Samoa)

-          Darrah (Pearl Islands)

-          Malcolm (Philippines & Caramoan)

-          Taj (Tocantins)

-          Kat (One World)

-          Elisabeth (Australia)


-          Shii-Ann (Thailand & All Stars)

-          Erik (Samoa)

-          Ken (Gabon)

-          Abi Maria (Philippines)

-          Shambo (Samoa)

-          Shane (Panama)

-          Natalie (Micronesia)

-          Dreamz (Fiji)

-          Sierra (Tocantins)

-          Troyzan (One World)

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