I was so worried about Malcolm last night, and he's a beautiful soul. Goddamn that was one intense tribal council. Brenda and Erik continue to be as speechless as usual, while Eddie actually made me kind of somewhat like him this episode. This season is finally beginning to pick up, and live up to the hype Jeff Probst put it up to. Anyways, time to list the pros and cons of this week:


  • Cochran's confessionals during the reward.
  • Malcolm wisely going into game mode.
  • The rest of the contestants actually being savvy (although I liked it better when everyone did what Malcolm wanted).
  • An intense immunity challenge where Brenda finally got some screen-time.
  • Andrea and Eddie's heated conversation.
  • Andrea scrambling.
  • An incredible Tribal Council where Malcolm pulled off one of the best moves I've ever seen him pull off after slowly realizing that the Favorites were gunning for him. He's got Reynold and Eddie so far in his back pocket, it's unbelievable. I was convinced that it was going to be him.
  • A completely unexpected vote-off.


  • Reynold continues to make douchebag, sexist comments.
  • Everyone keeps talking to Dawn, and she continues to sell out the people I like (Julia, Corinne, Malcolm).
  • Phillip trying to hit on Sherri.
  • Brenda still not getting any lines screen-time despite winning the goddamn immunity challenge.
  • Phillip trying to fit Season 22: Redemption Island into every sentence that he said.
  • Sherri continuing to be Sherri, who just happens to be very irritating.

Next week looks like another South Pacific meltdown, and hopefully Dawn will quit, if only just so she'll stop getting all the people I like screwed over.