Blindside Time lived up to it's name. Was I the only one who thought about Kat watching Corinne get blindsided? Meanwhile, when Corinne and Malcolm were growing concerned with numbers, why didn't they just try and recruit Brenda? Brenda and Erik had proven to be aligned pre-shuffle, and probably remained aligned post-shuffle. Or why not try and gain Sherri as an ally and just blindside Phillip tonight? Interesting, interesting. Anyways, time to list the pros and cons of this week:


  • Malcolm and Corinne are reunited and form a misfit alliance.
  • Malcolm naming Enil Edam, because he was just so giddy about it.
  • Dawn's awkward dance.
  • An amazing immunity challenge.
  • Erik finally having something to say/do.
  • Malcolm easily stringing both Eddie and Reynold along.
  • Corinne's comment about Michael being the only Fan to have a brain, because the rest of the Fans proved how true it was.


  • Corinne gets voted out, and to add insult to injury, isn't permitted to join the jury.
  • Sherri lives for another week.
  • The bastard ice cream scooper voting against Malcolm.
  • The bastard Malcolm not bothering to make sure Erik knew he was part of the alliance
  • Dawn continues to be a sellout.
  • Eddie continues to be an idiot.
  • Phillip continues to be an idiot.
  • Brenda continues to be quiet.
  • Brenda was not adorably dancing.

Here's hoping for next week - it looks like Malcolm will try and recruit Dawn, but I think we all know how fruitless that is. Best case scenario, he'll win immunity and miraculously get Phillip off of this island. Here's hoping.