• Kalabang

    Cagayan Predictions

    January 16, 2014 by Kalabang

    Going into Cagayan with three tribes distinctly divided, there's a lot to be predicted and a lot that these contestants will need to live up to. I'm going to come out and say it - I don't think it will be either a Brain or a Brawn that will win, but a Beauty.

    Before I address my thoughts on what the Beauty tribe will bring to the table, I'll address comments on the Brain tribe and the Brawn tribe. Both of these tribes have something that the Beauty tribe really doesn't - something to live up to. The Brawn tribe will expect themselves to win every challenge and they'll be immediately labeled as challenge threats from Day One throughout the entire game; they're looking like Tambaqui right now, a tribe that might get too cocky but then blow it…

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  • Kalabang

    I was so worried about Malcolm last night, and he's a beautiful soul. Goddamn that was one intense tribal council. Brenda and Erik continue to be as speechless as usual, while Eddie actually made me kind of somewhat like him this episode. This season is finally beginning to pick up, and live up to the hype Jeff Probst put it up to. Anyways, time to list the pros and cons of this week:


    • Cochran's confessionals during the reward.
    • Malcolm wisely going into game mode.
    • The rest of the contestants actually being savvy (although I liked it better when everyone did what Malcolm wanted).
    • An intense immunity challenge where Brenda finally got some screen-time.
    • Andrea and Eddie's heated conversation.
    • Andrea scrambling.
    • An incredible Tribal Council where …

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  • Kalabang

    Blindside Time

    April 4, 2013 by Kalabang

    Blindside Time lived up to it's name. Was I the only one who thought about Kat watching Corinne get blindsided? Meanwhile, when Corinne and Malcolm were growing concerned with numbers, why didn't they just try and recruit Brenda? Brenda and Erik had proven to be aligned pre-shuffle, and probably remained aligned post-shuffle. Or why not try and gain Sherri as an ally and just blindside Phillip tonight? Interesting, interesting. Anyways, time to list the pros and cons of this week:


    • Malcolm and Corinne are reunited and form a misfit alliance.
    • Malcolm naming Enil Edam, because he was just so giddy about it.
    • Dawn's awkward dance.
    • An amazing immunity challenge.
    • Erik finally having something to say/do.
    • Malcolm easily stringing both Eddie and Reyno…

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