Ok, so I got thinking about who from recent seasons of Survivor may return for a second shot! So I thought I would show you guys the players I would like to see return. This is from Samoa to One World and a couple of other seasons too, and there will be at least one from each of those seasons, bar Heros Vs Villans, (because we have seen enought of them for now)

Survivor China

Todd Herzog

Ok, I love this guy, and he was a great strategic player, and a bit of a villian! He was a deserving winner and should definately return to give it another shot!!

Survivor Tocantins

Erinn Lobdell

What can I say, I liked her, she was a good strategic player, and she deserves another go.

Survivor Samoa

Brett Clouser

I would really like to see Brett return, i think he just got unlucky from the Foa Foa Four dominating the game, he played a good physical and social game. I think with another shot, he could do good.

Laura Morett

I think she deserves another shot, she played a good game pre merge, being secure in her tribe, with a good alliance, and also played a good individual game, winning the first two individual immunitys, but she was seen as a threat and taken out.

Survivor Nicaragua

Marty Piombo

Marty Piombo
I think that he had a good strategy, he had the idol, the only problem for him was the starting tribes. If his season had been normal, not old vs young, he could have done alot better.

Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe
We all know that I love Brenda, she was the mastermind of the season, she was a great strategic, physical and social player, winning individual immunity, finding the medallion of power. Her only problem was she was a threat too early on in the game.

Alina Wilson

Alina Wilson
I think her only problem was she was on the outs of her tribe too early in the game, she was seen as a threat by the other players and was voted out early. I think with another chance to get a good alliance, she could be a great player!

Survivor Redemption Island

David Murphy

David Murphy

He was a great strategic player, he was smart and deserved to stay longer! He was also one of the people to get Russel out! I think he would have done better if Rob was not on the season!

Ashley Underwood

Ashley Underwood
If only she had tried to get Rob out earlier, she became a good player later on in the game, and was in the end Robs biggest threat. She won some immunitys, was a good social player, and definatley deserves a second shot!

Andrea Boehlke

Andrea Boehlke

She was a good player, and was taken out because she was a threat to Rob winning, she was the only girl to win at Redemption Island and I think she deserves another go!

Mike Chiesl

Mike Chiesl
Ok, so mike was a good physical player, and the last of his tribe remaning in the game, with another shot, we may be able to get to see if he has what it takes.

Survivor South Pacific

Christine Shields Markoski

Christine Shields Markoski1
If she hadn't been sent to Redemption Island so early she could have been a force to be reckoned with in the game, and if Ozzy didn't think of his plan, who knows how far she could have gotten, she proved her self to be a good physical player, she just needs to work on the other aspects of the game.

Jim Rice

Jim Rice1
I think he was a good strategic player, he proved this by successfully getting Elyse out. He was doing good in his tribe untill Cochran flipped, resulting in the down fall of him and some other good players. He deserves another shot.

Dawn Meehan

Dawn Meehan1
She was a good player, lovely and was just great, one of the players whos demise was caused by Cochran flipping, she was an asset to her tribe in many challenges, and did good on an individual level. Dawn deserves another go!!!

Survivor One World

Colton Cumbie

Ok, I know alot of people hate Colton, but he was playing a great game, he had a band of misfits blindly following him, he had an idol, and was in a good position. No one this good deserves to be med evcacuated, not even if he was a horrible person. I think he deserves another go because of his great strategic game play.

Kim Spradlin

She may not be out yet, but she is dominating this game! She is ruling a woman allaince, manipulating people and is strategicly amazing. No matter what place she gets in this game, it is highly likely she will get another shot.

Jay Byars

Currently the last member of the muscle alliance left. He is playing a great all round game; he won immunity, has worked his way from no alliance to a 5 person alliance, and is strategicly trying to rally votes for kim ( :( ) I think he may subcome to the girls, but I think he gets another shot!

Sabrina Thompson

This lady is great! She may not be out yet, but I think she has it going good. She found the idol, even though she had to give it to someone else, she is a great social and physical player.

So there you have it, I hope and think they will return, and i hope you all like it!

Comment with your thoughts :)