18th- Zane - I think the idea of Zane is better than Zane himself, the rebelious, tattood country boy. he doesn't seem like he'll be an outsider and an early boot.

17/16th- Angie & Katie - I think they've been cast as nothing more than eye candy, they're pretty similar, both young, miss teen something's, while they both claim they are physically fit, I doubt they are and they'll both be shoe ins for first boots of their tribes.

15th - Roxy - initially I thought she was going to be some bad ass army chick, but when I saw she is all about god like Brandon, is disliked her, she seems cool, but if she spends all day preaching like Brandon, she can just leave.

14th- Carter - he just seems like a bore-whore. In his interview he talked about how his girlfriend cut his hair, no thanks. But i think he'll make it far because he's a running coach so he will do good physically.

13/12th Russel & Mike - I'm kinda sick of all the returning player with newbies at the moment, but that's not why they are in the middle, I just didn't like them in their first seasons. Hope they can change my thoughts on them, and maybe at least make merge.

11/10th - Jeff & Lisa - they seem cool, and genuine survivor fans, but if you look how previous celebs do eg Jimmy J, I don't see them lasting long, but I wish them luck!

9th - Dana - neutral about her, she seems cool, and nice to see another lesbian cast. I don't see her around for long though, because she seems like a cool girl!

8th- Artis - he seems cool! He's a cancer survivor, and you gotta give him credit for that, I think he's cool, and he looks strong despite what he has been through, I see him early jury.

7th- Malcom - again, he seems cool, and that he will be a ruthless player, which i like to see, I predict he could go far, maybe late jury though, but you never know, and he seem like one to watch.

6th- Pete - the male eye candy this season, he seems like he could go deep like malcom, but I don't see him winning, but I think he could be an immunity winner, of he's not voted out for being a threat.

5th- Abi - wow, I think she's so cool! She seems like she will either go deep into the game, or go home because of her strong personality, but she seems so unique and cool!

4th- Penner - what can I say, I'm a huge Penner fan, and I'm glad to see him back, as long as he gets good air time, and is awesome as always, I'll be happy, I see him making merge but im not sure about final placement.

3rd- RC - OMG she is just so cute, she reminds me of a cupcake, her laugh OMGOMGOMG I just want her to do good, and make the merge and be a big personality, just ah! So excited for her!

2nd Denise - I'm such a Denise fan already, she's so cool, in her interview, she was just so funny, having a lil bitch about the pretty girls, and to top it all of she's a sex therapist!?!? Oh lord, thank you for casting Denise. I see her making merge, hopefully she wins, if she does I'll just die. #TEAMDENISE

1st - Dawson - ok, she is gonna rock, she's so funny, she likes to cause trouble and make pranks. She's just amazing and gonna be a huge character, nd you can't deny it, but I hardly support her, and I want her to win, even though I know she can't, but she's gonna be so amazing, I'm fangirling already over her. She's just aaa!