Merge & Jury

12th: Phillip, 1st Jury Member. Corinne and Phillips feud gets to the point where everyone on the tribe is either with Phillip or Corinne. Reynold wins immunity. At tribal Phillip is voted out 9-3 with only Andrea and Cochran voting with him against Corinne.

11th: Andrea, 2nd Jury Member. Everyone from nu-gota realizes that Andrea had been playing them all, and Corinne leads the charge against Andrea, making Dawn cry, after Corinne says some very rude things to Andrea. Reynold wins immunity again. In the end, everyone sides with Corinne, with her saying Andrea is too dangerous, and a snake, and she is voted out 10-1 with Andreas vote for Corinne.

10th: Michael, 3rd Jury Member. The "Six Pack Crew" realize that Corinne and her gay are running the game. When Corinne wins immunity, her Dawn, Sherri, Michael, Cochran and Brenda decided to vote for Reynold, since he is the best at challenges, and the five of them know they stand no chance in physical challenges against any of the four. At tribal the six vote for Reynold, but he plays his idol, and the "Six Pack Crew" voted for Michael sending him home.

9th: Corinne, 4th Jury Member. With her gay gone, Corinne has no real ally's left, she goes to Malcolm and pleads for them to work together again, but he turns her down, even when she says she will reveal the idol to everyone. Malcolm thinks she is bluffing, and mocks Corinne, for being pathetic. Malcolm wins immunity. Corinne goes around scrambling, and searching for the merge idol, she finds the clue, but runs out of time to find the actual idol. Before they leave to tribal council, Brenda is invited into the "Six Pack Crew" which she accepts, only to keep herself safe on both sides. At tribal Corinne and Malcolm butt-heads, and in the end Corinne is voted out 5-4, on her way out she loudly reveals Malcolm has the idol to everyone, and drops the idol clue into Dawns bag.

8th: Reynold, 5th Jury Member. Malcolm is bashed by his alliance for not being truthful with the, but he convinces them they still need to stick together. Dawn and Sherri decided to look for the merge idol, with Corinne's clue, and they successfully find it, and share their find with Cochran, making a F3 pact, and decide to use their idol to break the "Six Pack Crew". Brenda wins immunity. The five decide to vote Dawn while sitting in the shelter, which Sherri over hears, and tells Dawn and Cochran, they decide to vote Reynold. At tribal, Malcolm and Dawn both use their idols, 5 votes dawn that do not count, 3 votes Reynold. Reynold out.

7th: Malcolm, 6th Jury Member. Brenda realizes that this "Six Pack Crew" is hindering her game not helping it, so she convinces Erik to leave it with her, giving Dawn and Sherri a new majority alliance. Eddie and Malcolm realize their situation, and fight for immunity, ultimately Eddie wins immunity. Malcolm is voted out unanimously, for being the biggest threat, with his one vote going to Dawn.

6th: Erik, 7th Jury Member. Dawn, realizing how for the first time, she is in charge, decides that Eddie or Erik need to go. Eddie wins immunity again. Dawn talks to Eddie, promising him F4 over Brenda if he votes Erik with her tonight, which he agrees. Brenda and Erik realize its one of them going home, and decide to vote for Sherri as a last resort. Erik is voted out 4-2.

5th Cochran, 8th Jury Member. Brenda realizes she is in danger, and knows this is the last tribal to play an idol, in the morning she goes searching for Dawns re-hidden idol, and after 2 hours, she finds it in a tree. She decides to do a cute little dance to celebrate. She shows this to Eddie, telling him either way, she's playing it tonight, so she has nothing to lose, and that if he wins immunity they should blindside Cochran. Eddie wins immunity, so the 3 voted Brenda, and she plays her idol, and Brenda and Eddie vote Cochran and he goes 2-(3)0

4th: Eddie, 9th Jury Member. Everyone realizes it 2-2. And decides they should take it to a fire making challenge. Brenda wins immunity, her and Eddie decide to vote Sherri, because she is less likely to win a fire challenge, Eddie is nervous, because he only knows how to put fires out, not make them. At tribal it's 2-2 to Sherri and Eddie, and the revote, the both get 1-1 so they go to fire making, with Jeff making lots of puns about firefighters. After 10 mins, Sherri wins, and Eddie jokes "I should probably put that out" as he leaves.

-jury votes- Phillip: Dawn for how she controlled the game.

Andrea: Brenda for how she stayed true to herself, but managed to overcome the odds.

Michael: Sherri, because he wants a fan to win.

Corinne: Dawn, for how she stopped being "a pathetic little bitch" and actually took control over the game. Dawn cries at this.

Reynold: Dawn, he appreciates how she was able to get him out.

Malcolm: Brenda, respects her physical and social game, and calls her "adaptive"

Erik: Brenda, he says "I have to vote for the one woman in survivor to never trick or lie to me"

Cochran: Dawn, says that Dawn finally became comfortable enough with the game to make the moves needed to win and he respects her for that.

Eddie: Dawn, sees her strategy, and respects her. Although he is tempted to vote for Brenda for being the most loyal, but admits he is upset at her for playing him a lot.

Tally: Dawn: 5 Brenda: 3 Sherri: 1

Dawn wins survivor!

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