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    Merge & Jury

    12th: Phillip, 1st Jury Member. Corinne and Phillips feud gets to the point where everyone on the tribe is either with Phillip or Corinne. Reynold wins immunity. At tribal Phillip is voted out 9-3 with only Andrea and Cochran voting with him against Corinne.

    11th: Andrea, 2nd Jury Member. Everyone from nu-gota realizes that Andrea had been playing them all, and Corinne leads the charge against Andrea, making Dawn cry, after Corinne says some very rude things to Andrea. Reynold wins immunity again. In the end, everyone sides with Corinne, with her saying Andrea is too dangerous, and a snake, and she is voted out 10-1 with Andreas vote for Corinne.

    10th: Michael, 3rd Jury Member. The "Six Pack Crew" realize that Corinne and her gay a…

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  • Joshjosh123

    18th- Zane - I think the idea of Zane is better than Zane himself, the rebelious, tattood country boy. he doesn't seem like he'll be an outsider and an early boot.

    17/16th- Angie & Katie - I think they've been cast as nothing more than eye candy, they're pretty similar, both young, miss teen something's, while they both claim they are physically fit, I doubt they are and they'll both be shoe ins for first boots of their tribes.

    15th - Roxy - initially I thought she was going to be some bad ass army chick, but when I saw she is all about god like Brandon, is disliked her, she seems cool, but if she spends all day preaching like Brandon, she can just leave.

    14th- Carter - he just seems like a bore-whore. In his interview he talked about how his girlfr…

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  • Joshjosh123

    In my opinion, she left too early for anyone to actually see what she was like, she came off as an old lady with a hatred of Kat, she seems like she would have been a strong competitor, but we will never know.

    I think this guy would have been fun to watch, he seemed like a strong alpha male, but he came off as arrogant and a douche bag, but at least he had some personality.

    Being the first female to be med evacuated is a big thing, and she had a cool quirky, funny, weird personality, but we never really got a chance to see her.

    Bill was another person who's ranking would have been higher, but he was an early boot, so apart from his fight with Colton and being voted out because his tribe gave up immunity, this comedian wasn't even very funny.

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  • Joshjosh123

    It currently seems that the game could go either two ways. Kim's way or Troy's way. Either way it goes Kim or Troy shall win.

    After Leif got the short end of the stick, there are only two men left in this game!

    Troy: As soon as he looses immunity he is out. He keeps digging himself a bigger grave, by verbally attacking the women, and being a sore winner. He is playing a good game, but if he eliminates all the women, none of them will vote for him. He needs to calm down and play fair. He has a shot to win this game. He just needs to sort out his stuff.

    Tarzan: I personally think he is playing good, he has been voting with the women for the few past tribals, and he is on to it, he knew last night it was either him or Leif, so he voted Leif. He …

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