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  • I live in The United States of America
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer
  • I am Male
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    I firmly believe that the tribe placement will be based off of the production's views for the greatest amount of drama and action, rather than random choosing, team captains, or anything of the like. As a result, my tribe predictions will revolve around that.

    TRIBE A:

    Spencer Bledsoe

    Joe Anglim

    Jeff Varner

    Andrew Savage

    Keith Nale

    Monica Padilla

    Peih-Gee Law

    Kass McQuillen

    Ciera Eastin

    Kelley Wentworth

    TRIBE B:

    Jeremy Collins

    Stephen Fishbach

    Terry Dietz

    Vytas Baskauskas

    Yung Woo Hwang

    Tasha Fox

    Shirin Oskooi

    Kelly Wiglesworth

    Kimmi Kappenberg

    Abi-Maria Gomes

    Now, I believe this dynamic would be interesting to see, though there's probably a few changes they would make.

    Now, for the elimination order, I suspect it's relatively a copy of Heroes vs. Villains. Merge …

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