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  • Jake R

    Minor Proposal

    July 15, 2013 by Jake R

    Hey guys, Jake here. I just have a minor proposal, or two.

    Recently, I've been trying to get some good pictures for episode pages. I believe all pages should have some pictures to brighten it up.

    First proposal: What I want to do is make the galleries for episode pages all in one page. I've been noticing that's it's usually EpisodeTitle/Gallery kind of thing. Where it's a whole different page. I think that's kind of silly to tell you the truth. Contestants have the gallery on there own page, so why should episodes not? And, we don't even have a link to the gallery page. Like, why shouldn't we? Same with some other pages like challenges and stuff. But episodes images have an own page. I think the gallery should be on the same page. Preferably…

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  • Jake R

    Hi users who are still here. Our wiki is falling down. If this wiki doesn`t have visitors and editors were going to fall down and burn to the ground. Does anyone here have a YouTube account. If you do can you please advertise it by saying "Our wiki is fun. Meet cyber friends, make a difference and you can soon join contests." Please put some pictures of contesants and some logo`s of the season. If we don`t our wiki will be as I call it a "Dead WikI". A Dead Wiki in my terms is where no one edits and anyone can do what they want. Please we need to do something. Post your ideas here

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