With Keith being the 1st voted off of the new tribe in Survivor: South Pacific, this game is at a crossroads. Let's see where everyone stands:

Ozzy-first off congrats to him for making a huge move by volunteering himself to be voted off and managing to get back into the game. Christine and Ozzy made for the biggest duel of the season no doubt. Unfortunately Ozzy lost his idol by using it on Whitney. Had he used it on Keith, Rick would've been voted off. And Ozzy is a huge threat; he proved that in the duel and the challenge, so Ozzy could very likely be the next target.

Keith-He wasn't my favorite player so I'm not sad about him leaving, but now I wonder how he's gonna do in Redemption Island.

Whitney-Well I'm pretty sure she appreciated Ozzy using the idol on her but it didn't really amount to much. Since Whitney is the weakest player of the Savaii tribe (well Cochran maybe, but even if he is weaker than Whitney Cochran is in the grey area between the 2 tribes now), Whitney can very likely be the longest lasting Savaii should Upolu systematically eliminate Savaii which is very likely to happen.

Jim-After Cochran said he flipped, I'm pretty sure Jim took a walk down memory lane when Semhar was voted off and when Jim saved Cochran by blindsiding Elyse. He knows that if he didn't do those things Cochran would likely be out of the game and this wouldn't have happened. This is a true example of how those random moments in survivor when it's between 2 players, the choice that is made does matter.

Dawn-This is another reason why Holly and Dawn are similar which adds to the meaning behind Jeff picking Holly over Dawn for Nicaragua. I remember Holly trying to convince Purple Kelly not to quit but PK still did. Dawn tried to convince Cochran not to flip but Cochran did. I hope that if anyone is to be the last one left from Savaii, it's Dawn because she's done a good job in my opinion. If not Dawn, then Ozzy cuz Keith and Jim and Whitney are like whatever to me. Don't hate them but don't love them.

Rick-Idk for me it was wierd for a vote for Cowboy to count as Rick cuz no one ever called him Cowboy. They called him a Cowboy, but still. But I digress. I hope Rick realized that worse case scenario the vote would tie twice and that he would be immune in the revote so he wasn't too scared, but regardless whenever you get votes it's only natural to feel concerned.

Albert-It was a close finish in the immunity challenge and it was a hard one so good job.

Edna-The merge came at the right time. If her tribe lost one more challenge she would've been voted off. Just like with Phillip Sheppard last season. Keep an eye on Edna because depending on how the season goes, she could be like Phillip where she's dragged to the end or she could be like Andrea and be the firts one out after Upolu destroys Savaii. And I'm not shocked that Edna didn't consider flipping because I think she liked her bonds with Coach and Brandon.

Coach-He's done a good job contributing to the tightness of Upolu, getting Cochran to flip, and not using the idol when he didn't need to. Coach is definitely in a strong position. He does not seem to be the target of anyone's mind on his alliance which is good because if Coach can get to the end this time more than ever he has a shot at winning. But if he does get out before then, he'll be like Rupert since he'll have been on the jury for 3 seasons. As long as he avoids getting voted off next episode he will have done better than in Heroes vs. villains

Sophie-Sophie could've been voted off. PSYCHE! Savaii switched to Rick. Sophie's a smart girl so she might definitely be a target. And who knows. Maybe the division from the day 16 tribal council will reappear and Upolu may cut her loose. Seems unlikely atm but anything is possible.

Brandon-I like how he's staying away from strategizing (which he sucks at) but he's quick to be a true friend (which he's great at). This episode made me like Brandon a lot more. I like how he defended Cochran and I think Brandon and Cochran would make a great team. Imagine Brandon Coach/Edna and Cochran as the final 3. I would be pleasantly surprised.

Cochran-Dude I don't think anyone knows where you stand. Whether certain Upolu members will make u core alliance mates, whether you'll be disposed of next, whether Savaii will gun for you next and succed, whether Cochran can actually explain why he flipped, or whether his chances of winning have either increased or decreased. He did something right for sure by giving Ozzy back the idol but he did something wrong by telling his tribe that he flipped. WHY WOULD YOU TELL THEM THAT COCHRAN?! Cochran's a great guy and he's cool no matter how much of a, Sophie's words, dodgeball target he is but he's becoming like Brandon by having some questionable gameplay. And I hope Cochran can explain why he voted off Keith and he won't be sent to redemption island with a crutch.

Tribe vs. Tribe?-I don't understand why tribes have to be against each other in the merge. It's a merged tribe so the voting would be better if it wasn't based on the tribe you are from. Because imagine this: would you like to vote off some great people that could be helpful just because they were on the other tribe? that's kinda unfair but it's something I don't mind living with. Maybe next season there will be a tribe switch so it'll be like Nicaragua where friendships and alliances transcended tribe affiliations.

So how do you think this game's gonna go? It looks bleak for Savaii but a rainbow is shining for Ozzy that symbolizes hope. Can Upolu be broken? Will Savaii be no more just like Zapatera last season? What will Cochran's fate be?