If there was a theme to Episode 4 of Survivor South Pacific, it was improvement. These were the signs of improvement I got:

Brandon-he's still no Survivor wiz but at least he's starting to simmer down and at least he's not mindlessly targeting Mikayla anymore. As long as Brandon can keep his emotions to a minimum (because he's had 25 days of emotions in 11) he should be fine.

Edna-out of all of Upolu's outsiders, Edna's trying the hardest to shake things up. Is she going too far? maybe. Is she at least trying? yes. Is she fun to watch? Yes. Will her efforts pay off? We will see.

Cochran-so far up to this point luck was all that had to do with Cochran staying in the game. It could've easily been Semhar or Papa Bear instead of him. But now he's getting involved in a potential big move that can really benefit him which si great cuz Cochran's cool.

Dawn-despite Ozzy's words in episode 3, I didn't think of Dawn as a huge asset until this episode when she was the last one standing. Good for you Dawn!

And on a side note, I look at Savaii's core alliance as a double date with a 5th wheel. Ozzy and Elyse are 1 couple (OOOOOOOH Amanda's SOOOOOO jealous....not) Keith and Whitney are another, with Jim being the 5th wheel, and like in the real life situation, the 5th wheel has to crash the party. But will he succeed?

your comments are much appreciated